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G9 LED Bulbs are also known as G9 capsule bulbs and are frequently found in spotlight and decorative fittings. You may be wondering what’s the difference between G9 LED lights and G4 LED Lights? It is common to confuse both fittings because they look similar and are both used in similar circumstances.

The easiest way to understand which one is required is to measure the distance between the pins; the number corresponds to the distance between the two pins – 9 mm for G9 LEDs and 4 mm for G4s LEDs. Another factor is voltage - G9 LEDs are always 240v. They are typically used to replace traditional G9 capsule lights in the wattage range from 20 Watts to 55 Watts.

G9 LEDs offer all the light of an incandescent for anywhere from 1 watt to 3 watts meaning huge cost savings over incandescent traditional capsules. Creating accent lighting shouldn't cost the earth. If you are running many decorative fittings this is a certain way to make real savings on the lighting bill without sacrificing quality.

With up to 90% less electricity consumption switching to energy efficient lighting will make a huge difference on annual electricity bills. Some are dimmable but you should double check with the manufacturers specifications. They switch on immediately and typically last ten years plus (depending on usage). We only recommend quality lights from trusted manufacturers and merchants with excellent customer service so you can purchase with confidence.