Has Your Organisation
Had the Light Bulb Moment?

Ready to make a large-scale switch to LED Lighting?


We offer an impartial comparison of the market to find a solution to your lighting needs


Your organisation knows they are ready to make energy efficiency savings. You care about the environment too so its time to reduce that carbon footprint. You know you can benefit by making the switch to LED lighting but where to start? We offer a free no obligation requirements review to help us both understand your enterprise needs.


We then impartially compare the market to find a solution to match your needs at the best prices and the quality a forward thinking organisation like yours needs.


CAPEX doesn't need to be a barrier to change. We can pin point you to innovative financing options through our range of trusted partners. They can often finance your capital expenditure through the efficiency savings. This means zero up-front cost from day one, just energy savings.

Fit & Forget

We only recommend quality-approved products where manufacturer claims can stand up to independent lab verification. With whichledlight.com it’s time to fit and forget. You can operate with peace of mind the light will really last the life that the manufacturer claims.


Cut your Emissions — And Save The Planet

If your company are looking to green up their act and want to play a role in the circular economy we have good news. For those looking to get to net zero carbon emissions; switching to LED lighting is one of the easiest organisational changes that can be made. If your company are serious about the environment don't delay make the switch today.


Health and Productivity

Yes LED lighting gets better still. There are health and productivity benefits associated with specific wavelengths of light. We have in-house scientific expertise and can guide you through the behavioural aspects of LED lighting.

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