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500 BC
The Romans make the candle
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Edison files patent of the lightbulb
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Compact Fluorescent Lightbulbs Commercially available
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LED lighting technology mass uptake
So many benefits from an LED light bulb! Since the dawn of man lighting up the dark has helped meet our most primal human desire for safety and security. Throughout human evolution we have aspired to develop more efficient ways to illuminate our environment. Moving from the Campfire to the candlelight was the first major evolution. Then came the Gas Lamp and the traditional Light bulb. Get ready to embrace the future with LED lighting technology – the next leap in the evolution of energy efficient lighting.

Don't delay, Switch Today.

Waiting till your incandescent light bulbs blow switch is a false economy as they cost up to 90% more to power per hour meaning delaying wastes further money. Just think about that next time you turn those out dated energy hungry lights on!

Electricity Costs over 1 year for 25 Bulbs
25 LED Bulbs
£21.86 / year
lasts typically 15 - 25 years
25 Incandescent Bulbs
£273.24 / year
lasts typically 1 - 2 years
Bulb Costs over 15 years
You'll need 1 LED bulb
LED Bulbs typically last 15-25 years
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You'll need 15 Incandescent bulbs
Incandescent Bulbs typically last 1-2 years
Compare and Find LED Lights Compare and Find LED Lights Compare and Find LED Lights Compare and Find LED Lights Compare and Find LED Lights Compare and Find LED Lights Compare and Find LED Lights

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Our database has hundreds of lighting options online in one place. We have strict quality control benchmarks when listing products so you can rest assured the lights we list listed pass quality inspection. If we don't list a product you need we can quickly source it through our outstanding industry connections, just get in touch.

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Make a real difference

LED, a lighting choice that wont cost the earth

Accelerating LED adoption is a crucial factor in a sustainable future

If your feeling overwhelmed by the current environmental crises, by adopting LED bulbs you can be part of a bigger movement. Our end goal isn't to just deliver cost savings or to help hit governments hit regulatory targets. The uptake of more energy efficient lighting technology can help combat global warming through carbon emission reductions. LED lighting is environmentally friendly, a fact often overlooked when making the decision to switch. The switchover is inevitable as governments around the world phase out and ban manufacturers from the production of inefficient lighting options.

When all traditional white light sources across the planet we will reduce our energy consumption by 1000 Terawatts per year. That's the equivalent of around 240 Coal fired power stations and will slash greenhouse gas emissions by around 200 million tones. Simply by changing a light bulb we can all be part of a movement reducing human impact on the planet and creating a sustainable future. Finally LED lighting has a lower environmental impact as LEDs do not contain any mercury and have a much longer lifetime than traditional light bulbs. This means less hazardous materials to be disposed of and a reduction in electrical waste – a growing problem in the developing world.

LED light lifetime

Just like many goods in our consumerist society we are used to using lightbulbs like disposable throwaway items with a limited shelf life.

With LED bulbs it doesn't have to be this way. LED light lifetimes of 25,000 and 50,000 hours are common. That's up to 34 years of use if switched on for four hours per day, or just under six years if left on 24/7. LED has multiple benefits – less trips to find, buy, and fit a blown light bulbs plus reduced electrical waste.

We refer to this as ‘fit and forget’, after making the switch you can forget about changing those lights for at least a decade. Instead of blown light bulbs and big bills with LED bulbs you get more money and time to spend on the things you love.

LED Light Bulb

50,000 Hours

Incandescent Bulb

2,000 Hours