About Us

Who are we?

Looking to keep those energy bills in check? Switching to low energy lighting technology is one of the easiest ways you can light up your life for less and take control of that electricity bill!

Welcome to the UK's first site for LED bulb comparisons. At Which LED Light we have developed a search engine that will help you in choose the correct LED Lamp for your chosen environment, whether it is for an office, a kitchen, a warehouse or a hotel lobby

Our search engine is quick and impartial so you can trust the experts to get you the right product at the best price. We have a database with thousands of products including LED strip lights, GU10 LED bulbs, LED spotlights, MR16 LED bulbs, and E27 LED traditional lightbulbs.

We use an independent specialist laboratory to verify, test and review LED lamps, which ensures that we not only carry quality LED lights but also provide you with the necessary information to make an educated decision on which LED bulb to buy.

How LED switching works.

The majority of the products we recommend are a direct retrofit replacement so no messing around with wiring or electricians - just plain sailing with big savings.

LED bulbs switch on instantly and the quality of light matches the quality you love from traditional incandescent bulbs; so after the change over you wont even notice a difference. All featured products have a massive lifetime meaning converting is a one-time behaviour change with lasting impact; once it’s done you really can fit and forget.

What do I need to do?

If you are looking to learn more you can visit our LED education area.

Once you have made the decision to make the switch and start your energy efficiency journey we help you review thousands of product specifications to find which LED bulb best suits your needs. From here before you buy we help you compare prices in the market so getting that brightness doesn't break the bank.