Switch your Halogen Bulbs to LED Light Bulbs
You can save £394 a year

That's with 60W halogens used 6 hours a day See how much you can save!
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replacement guide

Replace your old Incandescant Bulbs

We can help you (right now!) find out what bulbs you have, and what fitting/cap you need! No more wondering around the shop with that bulb in your hand!

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Choose the style and shape you want

There are lots of shapes to choose from, you might want a candle shape bulb instead of the round ones you always get. Either way, we’ve got it covered.

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Always get the colour output you expect

Bought bulbs, plugged them in, and it makes your room look like a surgery? Don’t fear, you can easily choose the right colour temperature with our easy filter system.

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Get the right spec you want

Get the right angle of light, maybe you want it wide beam? Maybe you want the longest lasting bulb and nothing else matters! We’ve got that covered.

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