WhichLEDLight.com has partnered up with LUX-TSI, a UKAS accredited performance and safety testing services partner, to independently verify, test and review each LED lamp to ensure that an objective comparison is made.

As the only UL preferred partner in the UK, the independent testing will consider lighting product performance and safety certification to ensure only quality lamps are listed on the website and are categorised in their correct equivalent sectors i.e. 35W equivalent.

The Independent Testing and
Certification Professionals


Operating two UKAS approved testing labs, LUX-TSI draws on over 100 years of experience in delivering their internationally accredited testing services.

Utilising certified state-of-the-art equipment, these services range from performance and efficiency evaluation to safety and environmental tests - in full compliance with industry standards. LUX-TIS also provide services on a consultancy and support level, aiding research and product development.