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Money Saving Calculator

Use the sliders below to calculate how much you can save monthly by replacing your traditional bulbs with LED bulbs:
Number of bulbs in household

Existing Bulb Wattage

Hours used per day

Electricity Cost per kWh (£)

Lifetime of LEDs
Number of years the LED will last at the above daily usage
Existing lamp costs
Existing lamp electricity and replacement costs over the lifetime of the LEDs
LED electricity costs
LED lamp electricity costs over the lifetime of the LEDs
Initial cost of LEDs
Total cost of the LEDs chosen
Your Overall Saving
How much money can be saved over the lifetime of the LEDs

Total saving per year
How much money you can save per year by switching to LEDs

Equivalent bank savings interest rate
The Equivalent Bank Interest Rate

True, independent LED lamps comparison with

Welcome to the number one site for LED lamp comparisons. At Which LED Light we have developed an engine that will assist you in choosing the correct LED Lamp for your chosen environment, whether it is for an office, a kitchen, a warehouse or a hotel lobby. We compare each lamp on quality, performance and price. We use an independent specialist laboratory to verify, test and review LED lamps, which ensures that we not only carry quality lamps but also provides you with the necessary information to make an educated decision on which LED lamp to buy.

We have in-house LED lighting specialists who can provide expert advice on the LED lamps themselves; this combined with our independent testing affords us the unique ability to provide you with accurate and helpful information about LED lamps, as well as offer a wide range of lamps at reasonable costs.

At Which LED light you compare a number of specifications for LED Lamps on the market, this then help you to make a more informed decision about your lamp replacement. Our comparison engine will help you identify potential savings using an intuitive cost calculator that allows you to select your existing lamp and compare it to your chosen LED lamp, which we hope you’ll agree is pretty useful.

The world of LED lamps can be confusing and unfortunately there are many low quality led lamps out there, so if you are getting confused about which LED lamp to choose then please give our comparison engine a try, most importantly we think you’ll find it helpful, but we also hope you find the LED lamp that you are looking for at a competitive price.

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